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Senior Product Manager, Game Economy

Dreamhaven is a gaming company on a mission to help improve the games industry both for players and for developers. We are looking for a Senior Product Manager to help design in-game economies that will exceed player expectations while holding dear to our values. This role is on our central Publishing team, perfectly positioned to help our two internal studios while also engaging with our partnership studios and other external efforts. As a Senior Product Manager, you will work closely with internal and external studio leadership to conduct research, design monetization systems, and lead the company’s understanding of innovations happening in business models and marketplaces in the video game industry. You will report to the Director of Product on the Publishing team, which is composed of central engineering, data, and marketing folks. You will help guide and design the platform development of monetization features. Designing economies that make money while holding to strong player ethics is a hard job, but we wholeheartedly feel that it is the only way a games company will continue to surprise and delight the same players for decades. If you want to be a part of that journey, reach out–we’d love to hear from you!

What you’ll do

  • Collaborate with internal game studio leads to design their business models, shops, marketplaces, and monetization features.
  • Build simulations that will help developers anticipate how their economies will function before their games go live.
  • Research monetization trends in the industry, translating what economic effects are at play to Dreamhaven designers and leadership.
  • Work closely with platform engineers and our backend platform partner to ensure that monetization systems are designed with player experience at the forefront.
  • Conduct competitive analysis and financial modeling to analyze what early stage game ideas have business models that will work.
  • Analyze game data to diagnose established economies for potential currency imbalances, wealth distribution, or marketplace issues and suggest remedies to the developers.
  • Contribute to a body of knowledge that strengthens developers’ understanding of business models, game economies, and monetization mechanisms.

What we need

  • Experience working in game economics
  • Ability to translate academic learning and behavioral patterns of players into actionable understanding for developers
  • Ability to analyze data, both game data at scale and smaller external data sources
  • Enough scripting experience to be able to build economy simulations in your tool of choice
  • Self-motivated with experience working independently
  • Consult with development teams, technical teams, and studio leadership

Who you are

  • Background in economics with knowledge of how it relates to the nuances of video game economies and business models
  • Quantitative person who is also able to trust their instincts when live game data isn’t yet available
  • Comfortable working with not well-defined problems and predicting how current design decisions will affect future players
  • Able to work collaboratively with others, contributing ideas and suggestions to designs that are not solely owned by you
  • Strong opinions but loosely held, you bring a distinct point of view but are open to being persuaded by others’ ideas just as easily as your own
  • You play video games or are interested in starting (all PC, console, or mobile experience counts!)

Dreamhaven is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate and welcome diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment.

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