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Senior / Lead Game Designer, Secret Door


At Secret Door we believe that some of our best memories come from shared experiences with friends. We are in the early days of our studio and there’s a ton of opportunity to have a big impact on what we are making. Most importantly, we know our games will be at their best when a variety of voices, identities, and perspectives go into their creation, so come join us!

As we begin crafting how to bring people together in positive ways, we are looking for an experienced and  talented game designer to help us with a variety of design work including system design, encounter and mission design/creation, and game balance. We’re looking for someone with an understanding of what is fun and familiarity creating the types of experiences groups of players really respond to positively. In this role you will be helping define a lot of the soul of our game - where the rubber hits the road and the ideals of a game become real. 

What we need:

  • Experience designing systems and missions for launched AAA digital games
  • Ability to quickly iterate through multiple passes of a design based on player feedback
  • Knowledge around what makes games interesting and compelling
  • Self motivated person who enjoys implementing systems/missions from top to bottom and knows how to push them forward on their own
  • Experience with a modern game development package (extra points for Unity experience)
  • Ability to operate in a fluid startup environment where requirements and situations can often shift
  • Knowledge of level design process including level flow, engagement, structure, pacing, environmental storytelling, and testing.
  • Extensive experience and insight creating designs that understand and mesh with artistic and architectural environmental goals that guide players

What you’ll do:

  • Design, flesh out, and provide feedback on new and existing game systems
  • Generate missions that are fun to play through
  • Layout a variety of missions using level editing tools
  • Iterate and improve on those designs and levels based on player feedback
  • Design and create enemies and enemy abilities for those levels
  • Populate encounters and missions with content and rewards
  • Have a good time working with a small passionate group of developers

If these things resonate with you and you find yourself curious about what we are doing at Secret Door, please reach out!

Secret Door is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate and welcome diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment.

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