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One of the best parts of working in the video game industry is being given a front row seat to see all the amazing games being developed by innovative game studios who are pushing creative boundaries, including those by our partner studios.

Check out what some innovative studios are up to…

Frost Giant’s team members have had the privilege to work for some of the greatest companies in the industry. Now it is their turn to carry forward the legacy of epic storytelling, innovative co-op gameplay, and celebrated esports that make RTS great.

Introducing Stormgate. Stormgate is a free-to-play PC real-time strategy game set hundreds of years in Earth’s future. Take command of the human resistance, the demonic invaders, or other factions yet to be revealed-solo or cooperatively. Build your base, harvest resources, and lead mighty armies in battle to emerge victorious.

Key art from Stormgate from Frost Giant

Check out playstormgate.com for more information on the game.

Mainframe’s team is bringing together veterans from places like CCP, Next Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Ubisoft, and Remedy to create a cloud-native MMO: a social sandbox, accessible on any screen and offering new ways to play with friends.

Key Art from Pax Dei from Mainframe

Check out themainframe.com/en/ for more information about the game.

Fuzzybot is building games for those who love to play together with friends, family and enemies alike! They strive to bring creative worlds to life, aiming to spark joy in gamers of all ages.

Introducing Project Saturn. Project Saturn is a rogue like adventure. You partner-up, gear-up and power-up to survive, loot and smash your way through deadly robots, hazards and bosses.

Key art from Project Saturn from Fuzzybot

Check out fuzzybot.com/games for more information on the game.

Please come back and check on additional game updates and industry news.