2023 Dreamhaven Summer Internship Recap

2023 Dreamhaven Summer Internship Recap

As the summer comes to a close, it's a perfect moment to celebrate the impactful and memorable 12 weeks we’ve shared with our Dreamhaven Summer interns.

We're so grateful to each of these talented students for spending their summers with us. We wanted to share some highlights from the past three months, which were filled with so much camaraderie, incredible growth and cherished memories!

Crafting Skills:

Our interns represented a wide range of disciplines – Tools Engineering, Console Engineering, Platform Engineering, Data Science, Marketing, Environment Art, and Technical Design. In addition to working with their mentors to level up their professional crafts, our crew was also able to get hands-on with some literal crafting. Everyone had the chance to create their own set of sparkly, colorful, custom resin dice! 

Special thanks to our dice master, Hadidjah Chamberlain, for leading this crafting session!

Networking with a Twist:

Our interns discovered the power of networking in a relaxed setting, bonding over boba tea and swapping stories with folks across Dreamhaven, Secret Door, and Moonshot. They also met with interns from our friends over at Second Dinner for a virtual gaming session. These types of casual meet-ups allowed them to form connections and build friendships that will extend well beyond the summer!

Words of Wisdom:

Our interns had the opportunity to glean insights from some of the best minds in the gaming industry. Studio Heads and esteemed Guest Speakers from our Partner Studios offered words of wisdom and practical advice gleaned from their prolific careers. These talks proved to be both informative and inspirational. Thank you to all our speakers throughout the program! 

Passion, Dedication, Teamwork, Adventure:

Creativity knows no bounds, and our interns proved just that as they designed a unique custom logo to represent their class! This activity showcased their imaginative prowess and collaboration, as they worked together to codify their shared values, and then to translate them into a memorable (and adorable!) graphic. In the final design, the Dreamhaven logo flies high over the intern’s unofficial mascots Door and Moon, two intrepid adventurers. Their clasped hands signify teamwork and friendship, as they stand proudly on a summit representing passion and dedication.

Unleashing the Fun:

Our interns had their share of thrills too - visiting the happiest place on Earth, conquering escape rooms, and sharing laughs over team-building activities with interns from other game studios. We know these joyful moments helped to create a sense of community and helped to solidify some lasting friendships.

Grand Finale:

During their final weeks, our interns wowed us with Show & Tell presentations that highlighted their contributions and accomplishments over the past 12 weeks, as well as their personal passions and hobbies. 

As our interns leave us, we're left with so many great memories and enduring connections. To our remarkable interns - thank you again for joining us on this adventure! You all have left a positive mark on Dreamhaven, and we can't wait to see what you’ll do next.

Keep an eye out for more updates, as we continue to invest in the next generation of great gaming talent!

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